Chinese espionage a prime concern for connected vehicles

On February 29, US President Joe Biden announced “unprecedented actions to ensure that cars on US roads from countries of concern like China do not undermine our national security.” He asked the Commerce Department to launch an advanced rulemaking (ANPRM) on connected vehicles with technology from those countries and to take action to respond to the risks.

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30 years of the CISO role – how things have changed since Steve Katz

The first-ever CISO was mostly a technically oriented executive. They’ve since evolved into masters of risk management, threat mitigation, regulatory compliance, data privacy, and much more.

When Steve Katz became the first-ever CISO in 1995, Netscape Navigator was the world’s most popular browser, Mark Zuckerberg was in middle school, smartphones were a decade away, and SSL 2.0 was brand new.

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AI adoption in security taking off amid budget, trust, and skill-based issues

While the application of AI has picked up in cybersecurity, large-scale adoption still suffers from a lack of expertise, budget, and trust, according to a MixMode report.

The report, commissioned through the Ponemon Institute, surveyed 641 IT and security practitioners in the US to understand the state of AI in cybersecurity and found the adoption is still at an early stage.

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Assessing and quantifying AI risk: A challenge for enterprises

Artificial intelligence can help businesses through automation or by improving existing tasks, but like any technology it comes with risks if not managed well. For those businesses that decided to build their own AI or buy software that has AI embedded in it, assessing its risks is an important step to ensuring compliance and data security.

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