Plan and Prepare

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face!

So being prepared and understanding the weak spots in your defences is essential to ensure that your business keeps running.

Our Services

Cybersecurity starts with having an effective strategic plan and being prepared if a disaster should strike.

By proactively identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, we help you build robust defense mechanisms to safeguard your business.

Through our range of services we can assist with maturing your entire security program, a specific area you require improving, assessing your risks, as well as looking at your most sensitive data to ensure your processes meet data privacy, compliance and governance requirements.

Why it's important

Data Breaches


Australians affected in 2023
Sources of data breaches


Cyber Attacks
Compromised Passwords


Australians affected in 2023

Virtual CISO

Not every organisation can support a full-time CISO.  We offer an experienced and proven CISO who can assist with operational and strategic outcomes to reducce risk and minimise the impact of cyber attacks.


CyberSecurity Assessments

Our assessments look at identifying security gaps across your on-premises and cloud computing environments.  This looks at things such as misconfigurations, user access controls, network settings, and vulnerabilities.


Data Security and Data Privacy

Knowing where your data is and controlling who has access to it, is essential for data security, data privacy, compliance and governance requirements. Our services enables you to gain visibility and take control of your data.


IRAP and ASD Essential 8

Our ASD endorsed, qualified IRAP assessors will help you determine the effectiveness of your controls, provide independent guidance and remediation advice so you can make informed decisions for improvement.


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