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Ransomware Resilience Training

Ransomware attacks are ugly, devastating and challenging situations for any organisation.  It’s not just the organisation that is affected - employees, customers, 3rd party suppliers and others are caught up in the aftermath of the crisis - everyone gets hurt!

2022 saw some of the largest ransomware attacks ever seen in Australia including Optus, Medibank, Latitude Finance and more.  2023 has been no different in the volume of cybercrime attacks with 1 cyber crime reported every 7 minutes.  

If a cyber crime were to happen to you or your organisation do you think you are prepared?

Our exclusive 1 day in person workshop will learn teach you the skills needed to protect, respond and arm yourself and your organisation with the knowledge and tools to become Ransomware Resilient.  The workshop will cover the operational and technical aspects of a ransomware crisis along with an executive table top exercise.

Our experts will share first hand experience of both responding to and living through incidents, including 3rd party breaches.  Understand why it's important to have legal counsel in the room during an incident.  Using these unique insights and strategies will help you to be better prepared against ransomware and similar types of attacks.

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