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We live and breathe security every day.

We are passionate about what we do and enjoy helping people solve their most complex cybersecurity challenges.

Our Mission

There's a train of thought that to have the best cybersecurity you need to have deep pockets and spend lots of money on the best people and latest security tools.  But we know that's not true and actually there's a better way.  One where security becomes part of your culture and an enabler to your business.

That's why Cyooda was created to deliver a security ecosystem uniting people, processes, technology and awareness to help businesses grow strong security foundations.

Having good security hygiene, knowing where your data is and building a cybersecurity culture are the key ingredients to keeping your business safe

CEO and Founder

Our Story

Cyooda was founded by John Reeman, a former CISO and cybersecurity advisor with over 30 years of extensive business experience gained by working with some of the largest global businesses.

Seeing an opportunity in the market to provide services and consulting that are outcome-driven, independent, and trusted are the main drivers behind Cyooda. We share our knowledge of running security operations, compliance, risk management, responding to incidents, and board reporting so that you can learn what works and doesn't.

We can help you build your high-performing cybersecurity program and reduce risks.

This personal approach is what makes Cyooda different from the crowd.

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