Defend and Respond

Knowing how to respond to a cyberattack and testing your defences regularly will be the difference between your business surviving or going out of business.

Our Services

In today's threat landscape both defense and rapid response tactics are essential.

Our defence and response services assist your organisation in becoming business operational again as quickly as possible with minimum fuss.

Our testing services ensure that your systems have no glaring holes that could leave your organisation wide open to attack.

Why it's important

Average cost of a cyberccrime


Cyber Attacks Reported by State and Territory

Cybercrime by state 2023
Cost of scams in 2023


Incident Response and Forensics

Having a plan and knowing how to respond in a security incident is essential in today's threat landscape. We provide you with the expertise you need to contain the threat so you can become operational again with minimum damage.


Ransonware Resilience

Is your organisation prepared for a ransomware attack?  Would you know what to do, how to communicate, and have all the key stakeholders and processes in place and ready to go in the moment of crisis? 


Penetration Testing

We are revolutionizing penetration testing by consolidating testing results and vulnerability scanning, making traditional processes redundant and transforming a once moth-balled report into an intelligence led, actionable and prioritised roadmap for improvement.


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