Ransomware Resilience

We deliver cyber security resilience for all your employees, senior executives and board, and technical security knowledge for your operational and management teams.

Is your organisation prepared for a ransomware attack?

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Ransomware Resilience

Ransomware is different from most other crisis situations so including a scenario for this in your incident response plans will make a huge difference in knowing what to do rather than being caught in blind panic.

You should include a ransomware table top exercise as part of these plans.

Our Focus Areas

Our ransomware resilience service covers the following core areas:

  • Incident response plans
  • Containment
  • Notifications and communication
  • Incident response processes
  • Cybersecurity program maturity
  • Cybersecurity awareness culture
  • Backup and disaster recovery plans
Ransomware Resilience


Reduce Financial Impact

Your organisation can minimise the financial impact of ransomware attacks by being resilient and having an updated incident response plan.

Minimise downtime

By being prepared for a ransomware attack will allow your organisation to get back up and running again with minimum fuss and damage to your business.

Data Integrity

A ransomware-resilient organisation can mitigate the risk of data loss by implementing robust data protection measures such as encryption, access controls, and data backups. This helps preserve the integrity of critical data assets and ensures business continuity even in the face of ransomware attacks.


Ransomware attacks can tarnish an organisation's reputation and erode customer trust, especially if sensitive customer data is compromised or leaked.  By demonstrating ransomware resilience, your organisation shows a commitment to safeguarding customer data and maintaining operational continuity.

Enhanced Security

Developing ransomware resilience and maintaining an updated incident response plan strengthens your organisation's overall cybersecurity posture.

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