Virtual CISO

Not every organisation can support a full-time CISO. 

Cyooda's vCISO service provides an experienced and proven CISO who can assist with your operational and strategic outcomes, or project based work to reduce risk and minimise the impact of cyber attacks.

Strategic Insights

Tactical Execution

Fraction of the cost

What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

It's hard to find and keep good security professionals and many growing businesses can't justify the expense of hiring a full time CISO.

A Virtual CISO is a highly experienced cybersecurity expert who works with organisations on a part-time or contract basis to provide strategic direction and lead cybersecurity efforts. Unlike a full-time CISO, a Virtual CISO offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness by allowing your business to access a top-tier cybersecurity expert without the commitment and overhead of a full-time executive.

Our experts have proven technical and business experience gained from working across large global organisations and government agencies.  They will assist you with assessing your current security posture, identifying key gaps and prioritise a strategy to ensure you are adequately protected.

Cyooda can provide an on demand vCISO on a medium to long term, part time basis, at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time CISO.


Virtual CISO Program

Cost Effectiveness of a Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO Costs



Working alongside and collaborating with your business and people as an extension of your team.


Improve decision making with advisory services on a short term or long term basis.


Invest in expertise that aligns with your budget and time sensitive needs.


Develop and execute a cybersecurity strategy within your business alongside a proven CISO.


Efforts can be scaled up or down to meet your unique circumstances as and when requirements change.

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