To be or not to be a CISO

To be or not to be a ciso

Do you aspire to be a CISO? As a former CISO, I felt compelled to write this article after seeing many articles about the role of a CISO and opinions on how hard it is becoming. I’m uncertain whether many people today would actually aspire to be a CISO given the pressures, the demands of…

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How To: Email Phishing, malicious payload analysis walkthrough

Hidden Code

The other day I received a malicious phishing email with what appeared to be an invoice but in fact was a javascript embedded in an HTML document. So let’s get into it. Initial Inspection When I initially opened the document in my visual code editor it appeared as follows: The second line declares a variable…

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Data Security in the era of AI

Data Security and AI

In the era of AI, forward-thinking organisations need to adopt a new approach to protecting their most sensitive data.

The growing volume of data and the propensity of its use means that organisations can no longer rely on traditional and manual data processing methods to manage unstructured data. The only way to manage data in the future will be with automation, and ironically AI.

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CyberChef : how to decode your data the easy way


Intro If you haven’t heard of CyberChef you may be thinking is a new robot being created to compete on the next series of “My Kitchen Rules” or go head to head with Gordon Ramsay on “Kitchen Nightmares”! Actually CyberChef or at least the one I’m referring to is actually a really cool tool developed…

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Time altering techniques to evade your security controls

How to detect EDR and SIEM evasion techniques

In this article I’ll be talking about ‘Time Travel’ and sadly it’s not an episode of ‘Dr Who’ or ‘Back to the Future’ and not really ‘Time Travel’ but I needed a catchy title! So what I am referring to is how hackers often change the system time of a particular system they are exploiting…

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