Export your passwords from LastPass

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months you will know that LastPass has suffered a major breach.  If like me you feel you can no longer trust LastPass to safeguard your crown jewels then this article explains how to:

  • Export your passwords from LastPass
  • Delete and permanently erase all of your vault data from LastPass

Export your LastPass vault data

  1. Login to LastPass
  2. Click on "Advanced Options" in the sidebar and select Export
  3. Enter your Master Password
  4. Lastpass will automatically generate a file named "lastpass_export.csv"
  5. This file contains all of your vault data, make sure you do not lose it!

You will now need to import the exported data to a new password manager.  In the example below I'll show you how to import the vault data to BitWarden.

How to import LastPass vault data to BitWarden

  1. Login to the BitWarden web interface
  2. Select Tools from the Top menu and then from the sidebar select "Import Data"
  3. Select LastPass from the list of supported password managers file types
  4. Then select the files you exported "lastpass_export.csv" and click import data
  5. All being well there will be no errors and your data will now be in BitWarden.

Delete and Erase your Vault Data

  1. Log back into LastPass
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Select My Account
  4. Select Delete or Reset Account Option
  5. Enter your Master Password
  6. Confirm your choice. LastPass will automatically purge your deleted data after 30 days but if you want to do this immediately then continue with the Steps below.
  7. Select Advanced Options in the Left navigation sidebar
  8. Select View Deleted Items
  9. In the top navigation bar select purge all.  Confirm the action and all items will be purged.
  10. That's it, you can now say goodbye to LastPass.

One last thing don't forget to remove any LastPass apps from your computer including browser plugins.

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